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Dear Friends and Colleagues of Yuba College:

I would like to share our fantastic news of our big win at the last Speech competition of the year at Ohlone College April 29-30. The Yuba College Speech Team and Speech Club competed against 18 colleges and Universities in Northern California in Oral Interpretation of Literature and Public Speaking events. We took 8 students, and five of the eight students took a total of 8 medals at this competition! This earned Yuba College the distinction of being one of the highest performing novice speech teams in Northern California.  Please join me in congratulating the following students on their exceptional performance:

Melissa Cleveland: FIRST PLACE: Oral Interpretation of Literature
                                    FIRST PLACE: Poetry Interpretation

Matthew Hadley:    SECOND PLACE: Oral Interpretation of Literature

Yvonne Madison:  THIRD PLACE: Prose Interpretation,
                                  FOURTH PLACE: Oral Interpretation of Literature

Paul Cluck:              FOURTH PLACE:  Prose Interpretation
                                  FOURTH PLACE:  Poetry Interpretation

PJ Thomas                THIRD PLACE:     Oral Interpretation of Literature

Chantyda Hou, Harnek Singh, and Evelyn Synak also represented Yuba College and placed in individual rounds but did not make it to finals. They were also ranked as excellent speakers, however, by their judges.

The team and I would like to invite you and your students and friends to come to our Spring Speech night show where we will perform poetry, prose, and dramatic interpretations of Literature as part of our ongoing fund-raisers to fund future competitions.    The show is Thursday May 12 at 7 p.m in our college theater.  

The team and I thank you sincerely for all of your support of the Yuba College Speech Team.


Suzanne Ruckle
Professor of Communication Studies
Director of Forensics
Speech Coach
Yuba College



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